On the Board


Charleston Magazine March 2016

A classic Clarke Design Group home is featured in Charleston Magazine’s March 2016 edition in an article entitled, “Outside the Box,” by Bridget Venenatta. Inspired by their time in St. Kitt’s, the homeowners fell in love with this I’on home after renting it for a few years, because of the Caribbean feel that it provided. This family wished to bring a Caribbean feel to their Charleston home, including the addition of bright colors and patterns, and this house became the perfect backdrop. Charleston Magazine quotes Allison Elbash when she says, “It actually reminded us of Colonial Caribbean architecture, like a house that wouldn’t be out of place along Independence Square in St. Kitts.” Clarke Design Group enjoyed designing this home to have a tropical feel, which creates an inviting atmosphere, as beautifully shown in this article. We are proud that the integrity of our homes transcends original intentions and allows multiple families to create a space of their own with a variation of interior design styles. Read the full article in Charleston Magazine here.